If you plan to start an e-learning business or want to take your e-learning business to new heights, you have reached at the correct page. PakTaleem offers highly stable, scale-able, efficient, and professional Moodle hosting.

PakTaleem takes care of all the technical part of your e-learning business (server management; website maintenance; LMS setup, configuration, and administration; Course development and configuration; Students management, enrollments, and email support) allowing you to concentrate on business marketing. Once PakTaleem has setup your LMS and courses, you may simply send your students’ details to us and they are ready to start taking e-courses OR ask us to setup course prices so students may purchase and gain instant access.

With our Moodle hosting you get:
  1. Stable, efficient and scale-able Moodle LMS hosting on our servers
  2. Free development and staging servers along with code versioning for continuous development
  3. Free white labeling & theme to match your main website
  4. Free LMS login page for your main site, so your users can login to LMS from your main site
  5. Free course development
  6. Free administration of hosted LMS
  7. Free email support for your e-learning students

Why choose PakTaleem’s LMS hosting?

Hosting LMS on PakTaleem provides you the advantages, you may not find anywhere else. Let’s take a wise decision. If you purchase any of our Moodle LMS hosting, you may enjoy following advantages:

  • No Need to buy a domain and pay $20 / year. We offer a subdomain free of cost.
  • No need to buy a hosting and pay $100 - $2500/year.
  • No need to hire an LMS expert to setup LMS properly costing $200 - $1000.
  • No need to hire an administrator to maintain the website costing at least $2400/year.
  • No need to hire a guru to train on using LMS website costing at least $3000/year.
  • No need to hire instructional designer to turn your courses to e-learning costing thousands of dollars a year.
  • No need to hire a server manager to keep your website safe & stable costing at least $3600/year.
  • No need to hire someone to prepare students’ progress report for you costing at least $4000/year.
  • No need to hire support team costing at least $8000/year

In short, it costs you at least $22,000 to run a sound, stable, smooth, and successful e-learning business. With PakTaleem LMS hosting, you pay only a fraction of actual cost.

If you are already running a Moodle LMS and wish to use our hosting, we shall migrate your LMS to our hosting free of cost. Simply choose a package that suits you and place your order.

LMS Hosting Packages

Features  BabyStartup Mature Corporate
Available storage
 5 GB
20 GB
100 GB
500 GB
Enrollment / year
 < 100
< 1,000
< 4,000
< 12,000
Courses to Offer
 11 - 3
4 - 10
11 - 50
LMS Setup Fee
 $200$200 $300 $400
Monthly  $120$360 $500 $1000
Yearly  $110/month$320/month $460/month $940/month
Bi-yearly  $100/month$300/month $440/month $900/month
Hourly cost involved  $100/month$4.67 / hour $4.33 / hour $4.16 / hour
You save  $4,320 / year$7,440 / year $11,520 / year $20,800 / year
*  Any additional hours required will be charged @$15/hr.

Custom Development:

Every e-learning site needs custom development as the business grows. To perform custom development, PakTaleem sets up development and staging environments of your LMS free of cost so that every new feature is fully tested before deployment to live site. You are only charged for custom development (If you ever need one).

Got Questions?

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any question / concerns over live chat or email us at info@PakTaleem.net.

Ready to Order?

To place order simply send us an email at sales@PakTaleem.net with a mention of the package you want to order.