Get Safe Training

This Mooble based project was developed in 2013 from vanilla Moodle. We have run this project for over 4 years. This project has been heavily customized and is feature rich. Here are main features of this Moodle project:

  • Admin can create / delete / suspend / activate companies and add users with varying capacities to the company; grant licenses.
  • Company managers can purchase course licenses and then assign to purchased courses to its company users.
  • System offers a comprehensive coupon management system. (details on Plugins page)
  • System allows designing a training matrix; assigning a track to each user. Based on the trade, the user is then recommended needed training courses.
  • System allows generation of completion report based on company(ies) / user(s) / duration.
  • System allows admin to group different courses into a training and assign the training to user(s)
  • Dashboard allows students to not only access courses but also informs users when a course is expiring and their completion status.
  • Dashboard block also allows teachers to view their courses and get reports.
  • A new enrollment plugin allows users to pay through WHMCS to get access to courses.
  • A plugin has been developed to allow collection of AVETMISS data from Moodle and generate AVETMISS files.
  • Another plugin has been developed which monitors students while training using their camera and stores their snapshots while they are taking training.
  • Signup process has also been updated to collect additional information needed for AVETMISS reporting.

ACE Best

The Moodle project started when Ace, Japan contacted us to develop a plugin which allow their users to test their microphones before attempting TOEFL practice tests on their website. Having inspired by our quality work, Ace hired us for many further projects and PakTaleem kept developing features on Ace for about 2.5 years.
This Moodle site was running on Moodle 2.9 earlier and previous developers had added features by hacking core Moodle code. When PakTaleem joined Ace project, we developed features using Moodle's plugins and theme customization. Here are some of the features PakTaleem developed for Ace:
Moodle Quiz access rule plugin which allows users to test microphone before attempting a quiz. It further restricts users to use Chrome browser to ensure compatibility.
Custom fully HTML user inactivity notification
Text to Speech function to work in quiz.
SEO customization like meta tags etc.
Custom full HTML welcome email
Custom full HTML quiz notification emails
Event reminders for TOEFL exam
TOEFL Audio question type plugin which allows creating all types of TOEFL questions.
Dynamic graph showing user statistics from different countries on front page
Theme modifications
Quiz feedback sharing feature which allows users to share teacher's feedback on their submission
Dashboard block which allowed users to access different important features of site easily.
Moodle's log report upgraded to allow getting logs between certain dates
Tutorial which allowed explaining functions on Ace.
Self Study feature which allowed users practice TOEFL exam.
Stripe Subscriptions integration which allowed users purchase recurring or non-recurring access to resources.
Custom dialog based login and signup including social signup.
ZenDesk helpdesk integration for live chat
Amazon S3 File system plugin which allows storing and accessing heavy moodle data files from amazon S3
Upgraded whole system from Moodle 2.9 to Moodle 3.4

Green Path Online

This project from Ontario, Canada involved converting courses in Microsoft Word & Microsoft PowerPoint into Moodle courses. It further involved creation of Moodle quizzes from documents. The project continued for around a year.

FMW Tech

This Moodle project involved setting up Moodle 3.4 site and then setup RemUI theme on the site. Further ELIS plugins were added and setup to allow enterprise level features in Moodle. The basic purpose of the project is to use Moodle for providing quality education to schools in KSA.

Cloud People Academy

This Moodle based site has been developed for a company Cloud People, Denmark. Cloud People are official training partners of Microsoft in Denmark. The site has following salient features:
Integration with MS Azure for SSO
Static pages plugin has been developed which allows adding static pages to Moodle.
Webinar plugin has been developed which allows adding, updating, deleting, training webinars in different categories.
Website content in three languages (English, Dutch, and Irelandic)
Many courses have been configured for the client
Front page, login page, profile page and some other pages has heavily been customized.


This project was developed 5 years back and 2 courses were developed initially. Later, we kept on providing support to the project and has been updating courses as well as adding new features and plugins. The project was to:
Develop Moodle LMS
Setup staging instance
Create courses
Create custom signup form
Auto-enroll users into different courses on signup.
Setup access codes for different courses
Generate certificates after successful completion of course
Update theme
Create custom reports with export features
Allow multilingual SCORM packages
Upgrade Moodle to version 3.4


This Moodle based project is hosted on PakTaleem servers. PakTaleem has not only developed this Moodle based LMS from scratch but also administering the same for last many years. PakTaleem provides time to time customer support, and any development support for Fitnance College, AU.

We have upgraded the site twice during this time and have developed a couple of reports for Fitnance. We have also setup Certificate III & IV and Diploma courses in the LMS for Fitnance.

We have also trained Fitnance staff in using this LMS.

Omni College

Omni College is a nursing medical college in USA. We setup a fresh LMS for them where they are providing English language training & Assessment to their students. Following custom features were developed for their Moodle LMS.
A quiz access rule to allow their users test their microphone before they start their English language assessment.
A set of question types which allow creating questions for:
Reading assessment
Writing assessment
Listening assessment
Speaking assessment
Two courses with lot of questions of above type were also setup. This Moodle site has been in use by Omni College for last 2+ years.


This project had been initiated in 2006 and since then it is continuously being developed and upgraded. This project offers free courses to student and world wide community. Anyone can create a free account and start learning. Site offers following salient features:
User can take any course free of cost.
User can also take different programs which have sets of core, and optional courses.
Admins can define programs mentioning sets of mandatory and optional courses.
The system is multilingual allowing Urdu and English languages for now.
The system also offers virtual classrooms to teach live.
The system currently has around 500 courses.
The system also have live chat system to assist users.
The system allows badges, competencies, conditional activities and many cool features.

New features are always added to the system on time to time basis.

International Yacht Training LMS

The project involved setting up Moodle LMS and migrate their old LMS to new server. This project involved:

  • Developing LMS
  • Moving their courses to new LMS
  • Providing consultancy on how to use the new system.

Training Moodle Courses

LearnMe is an Austrailian Education Company providing Certification Courses. I have developed 2 Level IV Certification Courses. 8 Courses are being Developed. Courses are developed from Word Documents. Key Features:

1. Developed HTML web pages from word documents

2. Created and Imported question bank into Moodle

3. Developed Customized Assignments.

eYoga Studies

This project involved:
 a) Custom responsive theme development
 b) development of 6 site pages
 c) Blog system for Moodle
 d) Consultancy about video hosting
 e) Customized course page development
 f) On-going support The client has offered multiple projects one after other.

Food Service Training Portal

This project involved development of an LMS which may serve training needs for an enterprise. The system allows:

a) Department Management

b) Programs & Learning Path Management

c) Custom Certificate generation system Now, I am providing time to time feature development and bug removal services along with server management.

Wise Global

Following customization:

1. logo

2. footer

3. banner

4. change font Lato,sans-serif

5. background color

The BA Coach

Same moodle version and lambda theme like 



Return to Work Matters

This is moodle iomad site.


For this company we developed course format. And customize the login page.


For this site we customized the front page.

Elephant Elearning

The project involves:

1) setting up Moodle site

2) Migrate a course from LearnDash to Moodle along with all the users' data

3) Match home page of elearning site to the site's front page.


Mahtab, on the new server, I’d like to set things up for Amaze, my new company ( There will be two uses for an Amaze Moodle Site.

  1. Client Courses. No ecommerce will be required.
  2. Staff development (this is intended to become quite a large company quickly so training staff will be very important).
  3. Everything will need to be mobile friendly

I’d like to do these with custom domains:


                              This would have courses for staff based on role

                                             New Hire Basics (for everyone)

                                             Role based development (many)                    



                              This will become a large library of resources available to our users (patients).

                              This will also include specific courses for people to learn about specific topics.