We have customized this system in various ways to create fully functional stop on their Moodle site, mirroring the design and functionality of their existing WordPress shop, providing a cohesive user experience. Our innovative solution enables seamless user enrollment into courses directly from Moodle shop.

Project Highlights:
Unique design integration:
We created a custom shop design for Moodle, harmonizing with the client's WordPress site to provide a consistent and visually appealing user experience.

User-Friendly Purchase Flow:
Non-logged-in users can purchase courses directly from the Moodle shop, a feature not available by default in Moodle. This enhancement ensures a smooth and straightforward purchasing process.

Automatic Course Enrollment:
Upon purchase, users are automatically enrolled in their chosen courses, streamlining the user experience and reducing administrative workload.

Recurring Notifications:
The system sends monthly notifications to users, prompting them to re-purchase their courses, enduring continuous engagement and course renewal.

Custom Plugin Development:
We developed a local Moodle plugin for the shop, featuring:
- Stripe payment processor integration for secure transactions.
- An admin interface to view and manage orders placed by end-users.
- Responsive design, ensuring optimal display across multiple screen sizes.


This project has been customized in various ways. Our latest project integrates a range of features designed to meet diverse training needs efficiently and effectively:

Key Features

  • Student Self-Service Portal: 
    This customized feature enables students to independently register for and manage eLearning courses and ILT sessions, access materials, view schedules, and receive notifications for a seamless learning experience.
  • Course Builder:
    We developed a Course Builder that streamlines the creation and management of courses within the system. This feature simplifies course development and customization, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Appointment Booking: 
    Appointment Booking feature allows users to schedule meetings directly through our website, providing a streamlined and user
    friendly booking experience.
  • Coupon-based Sign-in:
    We added a Coupon-based Sign-in feature, enabling users to register using unique coupon codes for streamlined access to courses and organizations.
  • Branded Sub-Groups:
    We created custom portals for clients such as United Airlines, offering tailored content and exclusive branding for each
  • Company and Training Manager Setup:
    Administrators can configure companies, assign training managers, set user limits, and define subscription  periods. Training
    managers can then add users individually or in bulk.
  • UI/UX Customization: 
    We enhanced the system with tailored UI/UX designs for improved user navigation and a more intuitive experience.


This website has undergone through various customizations;

 Login page has been thoughtfully customized.
  • Badges have been integrated into certifications, adding a visual element to recognize achievements.
  • An additional feature, addressing course overdue status has been implemented, offering timely reminders for learners.
  • The backend incorporates a new block where libraries are actively functioning, enhancing resource accessibility for users.
  • Courses are strategically added to facilitate easy enrollment for learners.
My Courses:
  • My Courses page has been customized for improved user management
  • Learners can check their grades and activity details on My Courses page. Learners will no longer need to navigate to Grade section to check their progress.


This platform has been customized in various ways,

Payment process:
  • This Moodle platform has undergone through significant redesign, specifically in the payment procedure.
  • Unlike the standard Moodle process, where students create an account before proceeding to payment, has been changed and a new feature "Subscribe Courses" is added.
Direct Course Subscription:
  • Students can now directly subscribe to their desired courses after filling out a registration form and proceeding to the payment stage.
  • This streamlined process enhances the user experience and expedites the enrollment process.
Instant Account Activation:
  • Upon successful payment, the student's account is immediately activated.
  • This activation process ensures that students can log in promptly and access their enrolled courses without any delay.
  • Upon logging in, students gain immediate access to all the available courses.
Subscription Management:
  • Students have the flexibility to cancel their subscription at any time.
  • Upon cancellation, the student is automatically logged out, ensuring a smooth transition out of the platform.
Secure Re-Login Process:
  • In the event of re-subscribing, students receive a unique code via email.
  • This code serves as a secure authentication method, allowing students to log in again and resume their learning journey hassle-free.


This website is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of Mathematics courses, all presented in French language.

Subscription and One-Time Payment Options:
  • Courses on this website are accessible through two distinct models: monthly subscriptions and one-time payments.
  • Students have the flexibility to choose the payment method that best aligns with their preferences and learning objectives.
Categorized Course Display:
  • Courses are intelligently categorized and displayed for easy navigation.
  • This organized presentation ensures that students can quickly identify and explore courses relevant to their academic needs.
Course Filtration:
  • Course filtration system has been integrated to enhance the user experience.
  • Students can employ a dual filtering system, based on payment type, to view both paid and free courses.
Enrollment in paid courses:
  • Upon identifying a paid course of interest, students can seamlessly enroll after completing the payment process.


This platform is designed to streamline the learning experience for learners, through modules with a focus on practical knowledge applicable to the construction industry.

User Interface:
  • Upon logging in, learners are directed to the "My Courses" section.
Step-by-Step Learning:
  • First, the teacher (admin) will add learners for the first module of the course. 
  • After learners' finish one part, they will automatically enrolled to the next one. It's like taking one step at a time.
  • When learners will finish the course, they will be awarded with a certificate.
  •  It's like a high-five for finishing everything!


Home Page:

The home page has been customized to feature two prominent links-"Shop" and " Access to Courses," offering a clear navigation experience.

Integrated Shop:

A fully functional shop has been integrated in this platform. The shop allows users to explore various courses through an efficient filtering system, ensuring a personalized browsing experience.

Course Filtering:

Learners can use the advanced filter section within the shop to filter their course search. After filtering courses, they can easily add them to their cart. The cart allows learners to review details before proceeding to payment.

User Authentication:

To access purchased courses and personalized learning content, students are required to log in securely. This authentication step adds an additional layer of security to protect user information.

My Courses Page:

After successful login, students are directed to the "My Courses" page. This page serves as a center for accessing enrolled courses, monitoring progress, and engaging in the learning materials provided.


This website has been designed thoughtfully. 

Login Page:

  • When a user clicks on login page a new page appears to fill the form.
  • After adding username and password, when a user clicks on the "login" button, the user is automatically directed to "change password" page. 
  • User will enter new password in current password field, then user will save changes.
  • Once the user is logged in into the online training, courses are ready to begin


  • We upgraded the courses and arranged their order.
  • Learning activities are laced with activity completion criteria along with access restriction criteria.
  • Learner can only access the next activity after meeting all the requirements of the previous one.  


  • Multi Grader Report s enabled for reporting purposes.
  • This plugin will allow administrators to track Learners' progress and performance.   

Food Service Training Portal

This website has been customized for the organizations of high level entrepreneurs. Following customizations have been made:

User Sets and User Management:
Users are organized into sets within each organization, with distinct departments. Administrative users have the authority to manage users and assign them to relevant courses.

Program Management:
Programs are implemented at the organizational level, encompassing all courses specific to that organization. Users can access and enroll in various courses within the designated program structure.

Sign Up Page Customization:
The Sign Up page is designed to accommodate a unique code entry during the registration process. This code facilitates seamless enrollment into a specific organization and user set.

Automated Reports:
The system generates a variety of reports, each serving a specific purpose:
-Class Report
-Course Report
-Program Report
-Organization/User Set Report
-User Report
-Administrative Report

Reports are automatically scheduled for generation and distribution via email. 

Asif Academy

Customized Login Page:

  • Developed a tailored login page with strict security measures.
  • Implemented restrictions to prevent unauthorized access through the sharing of login details.
  • Ensured the integrity and confidentiality of user credentials and data.

Course Offerings:

  • Structured courses to encompass a variety of educational resources.
  • Included video lectures to deliver dynamic content.
  • Integrated PDF files to notes for easy learning experiences.
  • Implemented a comprehensive testing system comprising assignments, online quizzes, and other evaluation tools.
  • Courses are added on subscription base. 

Mobile-Friendly Design:

  • Designed and developed dedicated mobile applications for Android and Apple platforms.
  • Ensured seamless access to course materials and assessment tools on mobile devices.

Data Management Strategy:

  • Implemented a data management strategy to maintain data integrity and optimize resource utilization.
  • Scheduled periodic deletion of user data from the database, typically after six months.


We may also start working on moving bioMerieux from 1.9 to 3.8.  Their current curricula should be set-up minus the old GB course in 1.9  Do not include the old GB course.

Edwards Global Business

Our primary objective was to optimize the performance of the website to ensure seamless navigation, enhanced functionality and unparalleled user satisfaction.

Streamlined Navigation: 
We redefined the navigation structure to provide intuitive pathways for users, enabling effortless exploration of website's content.

Improved Accessibility:
We implemented accessibility features to make website accessible to users with diverse needs and preferences.

Enhanced Security Measures:
With heightened security protocols in place, We provided a safe and secure environment for users to interact with content and services.

Methode Electronics

The site has been setup using template site. Following tasks performed:

1) Site setup over HTTPS

2) Email Settings Applied

3) Password Policy implemented for only minimum 6 characters

4) Cron has been configured.

5) Allowed Email domains configured.

6) Email based Self registration enabled

7) Re-captcha configured

8) Custom Profile fields defined

9) Front page updated

10) Help block added


- We have set up this site as a template for the other websites of Lean Methods. 
- Theme configuration has been applied and eCourseLibraryHTML course has been added to this site.


This  site has been customized in various ways.

  • This site allows a basic induction training.
  • It allows additional training based on the role selected for a user.

- It does not allow self registration. Users will manually be added to the site. When a user will be setup on this site, basic induction training will automatically become available to the user.

- Once, the user completes basic induction training, the user will gain automatic access to additional training based on the role selected in user's profile. 


Elephant Elearning

The project involves:

  • Setting up a new Moodle Site.
  • Site Backup along with all user data.
  • Course migration from LearnDash to Moodle along with all user's data and grading history. 
  • Customized Home Page.


For this site we customized the front page.


Custom Course format:
We designed a unique course format that offers a seamless learning experience. This format is tailored to accommodate various types of educational content, including text-based learning, multimedia presentations, quizzes and interactive exercises. 

User-Friendly Login Page:
In addition to the course format, we developed a user-friendly login page that provides a streamlined entry point for learners. The login page features intuitive controls, clear instructions, and helpful prompts to guide users through the authentication process effectively.

Return to Work Matters

This is moodle iomad site.

The BA Coach

We have setup a robust and user friendly site on Moodle, ensuring optimal performance and ease of navigation for both teacher and student.

 E-commerce Software Integration:
We seamlessly integrated e-commerce software into the Moodle platform. This integration allows for secure transactions, enabling our client to offer premium courses, resources, and other educational materials effortlessly.

Question Bank Update:
Question bank has been updated to enrich the learning process and facilitate comprehensive assessments. Diverse and engaging questions have been set to cover various topics and difficulty levels, to cater to the dynamic learning requirements of users.

Tag Based Questions:
We introduced tag-based quizzes to personalize the learning experience further. This innovative feature enables teachers to create quizzes based on specific tags, aligning them with learning objectives and student preferences effectively.

Wise Global

Following are the customizations have been made in this project;

It has been customized thoughtfully that aligns seamlessly with their brand identity.

Footer has undergone through a thoughtful customization process, focusing on layout, content, and visual elements.

Banner has received a significant upgrade, featuring captivating graphics and text that align with our project's messaging and objectives.

Font style has been refreshed with the adoption of Lato and sans-serif  fonts. This change is consistently applied across various sections, creating a professional and unified appearance.

Background Color:
We have fine-tuned the background color to achieve visual harmony and cohesion. Careful consideration of color psychology and our project's theme has resulted in a background that complements our overall design.

Food Service Training Portal

This website has been customized for the organizations of high level entrepreneurs.

  • User Sets and User Management:
Users are organized into sets within each organization, with distinct departments. Administrative users have the authority to manage users and assign them to relevant courses.

  • Program Management:
Programs are implemented at the organizational level, encompassing all courses specific to that organization.
Users can access and enroll in various courses within the designated program structure.

  • Sign Up Page Customization:
The Sign Up page is designed to accommodate a unique code entry during the registration process. This code facilitates seamless enrollment into a specific organization and user set.

  • Automated Reports:
The system generates a variety of reports, each serving a specific purpose:

- Class Report
- Course Report
- Program Report
- Organization/User Set Report
- User Report
- Administrative Report

Reports are automatically scheduled for generation and distribution via email.

eYoga Studies

This project involved:
 a) Custom responsive theme development
 b) Development of 6 site pages
 c) Blog system for Moodle
 d) Consultancy about video hosting
 e) Customized course page development
 f) On-going Support

 The client has offered multiple projects one after other.

Training Moodle Courses

LearnMe is an Australian Education Company providing Certification Courses. We have systematically developed 10 Level IV Certification Courses. Courses are developed from Word documents. Key Features include: 

1. Developed HTML web pages from word documents.

2. Created and Imported question bank into Moodle.

3. Developed Customized Assignments.


International Yacht Training LMS

The project involved setting up Moodle LMS and migrate their old LMS to new server. This project involved:

  • Developing LMS
  • Moving their courses to new LMS
  • Providing consultancy on how to use the new system.


This project had been initiated in 2006 and since then it is continuously being developed and upgraded. This project offers free courses to student and world wide community. Anyone can create a free account and start learning.
Site offers following salient features:
  • User can take any course free of cost.
  • User can also take different programs which have sets of core, and optional courses.
  • Admins can define programs mentioning sets of mandatory and optional courses.
  • The system is multilingual allowing Urdu and English languages for now.
  • The system also offers virtual classrooms to teach live.
  • The system currently has around 500 courses.
  • The system also have live chat system to assist users.
  • The system allows badges, competencies, conditional activities and many cool features.
New features are always being added to the system on time to time basis.

Omni College

Omni College is a nursing medical college in USA. We setup a fresh LMS for them where they are providing English language training & Assessment to their students. Following custom features were developed for their Moodle LMS.

- A quiz access rule to allow their users test their microphone before they start their English language assessment.
- A set of question types which allow creating questions for:
  • Reading assessment
  • Writing assessment
  • Listening assessment
  • Speaking assessment
  • Two courses with lot of questions of above type were also setup. This Moodle site has been in use by Omni College for last 2+ years.


Hosting and Development:
The Moodle-based project is hosted on PakTaleem servers. PakTaleem has taken charge of both the development and ongoing administration of the Moodle-based Learning Management System (LMS) from its inception.

Support Services:

PakTaleem provides time to time customer support, and any development support for Fitnance College, AU.

Site Upgrades:
The project has undergone two significant site upgrades, ensuring that the Moodle platform remains current and benefits from the latest features and improvements.

Custom Reports Development:
As part of the project, PakTaleem has crafted a variety of reports tailored to the specific needs of Fitnance, providing insights and data relevant to their educational processes.

Course Implementation:

Within the LMS, Certificate III & IV as well as Diploma courses have been successfully set up to meet the educational curriculum requirements of Fitnance.

Staff Training:
To facilitate a smooth adoption process, training sessions have been conducted for Fitnance staff. These sessions equip them with the necessary skills to effectively navigate and utilize the LMS, fostering enhanced educational outcomes.


This project was developed 5 years back and 2 courses were developed initially. Later, we kept on providing support to the project and has been updating courses as well as adding new features and plugins. The project was to:
  • Develop Moodle LMS
  • Setup staging instance
  • Create courses
  • Create custom signup form
  • Auto-enroll users into different courses on signup.
  • Setup access codes for different courses
  • Generate certificates after successful completion of course
  • Update theme
  • Create custom reports with export features
  • Allow multilingual SCORM packages
  • Upgrade Moodle to version 3.4

Cloud People Academy

This Moodle based site has been developed for a company Cloud People, Denmark. Cloud People are official training partners of Microsoft in Denmark. The site has following salient features:
  • Integration with MS Azure for SSO.
  • Static pages plugin has been developed which allows adding static pages to Moodle.
  • Webinar plugin has been developed which allows adding, updating, deleting, training webinars in different categories.
  • Website content in three languages (English, Dutch, and Irish)
  • Many courses have been configured for the client
  • Front page, login page, profile page and some other pages has heavily been customized.

FMW Tech

The first phase of this project encompasses the establishment of a Moodle 3.4 site, serving as the foundational framework for the subsequent steps.

 Theme Implementation:
Following the setup of the Moodle site, the next step involves the implementation of the RemUI theme, enhancing the visual and navigational aspects of the platform.

Plugin Integration:
The project includes the integration of ELIS plugins, strategically configured to unlock and enable enterprise-level features within the Moodle environment.

Feature Configuration:
Once the plugins are integrated, the project progresses to configuring and fine-tuning the ELIS plugins to ensure seamless functionality, catering to the specific needs of an enterprise-level educational platform.

The primary goal of this project is to leverage the capabilities of Moodle to deliver high-quality education services to schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The configured platform is intended to support and enhance the educational experience at an institutional level.

Green Path Online

 - Based in Ontario, Canada, this project focused on the conversion of courses originally created in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

- The primary goal was to adapt these courses into a format compatible with the Moodle e-learning platform.

- A key component of the project involved the creation of Moodle quizzes, leveraging content extracted from the existing documents.

-The overall duration of the project extended over the course of a year.

-The project aimed to enhance the educational experience by making the courses more interactive and accessible through the Moodle platform.

ACE Best

The Moodle project started when Ace, Japan contacted us to develop a plugin which allow their users to test their microphones before attempting TOEFL practice tests on their website. Having inspired by our quality work, Ace hired us for many further projects and PakTaleem kept developing features on Ace for about 2.5 years.

This Moodle site was running on Moodle 2.9 earlier and previous developers had added features by hacking core Moodle code. When PakTaleem joined Ace project, we developed features using Moodle's plugins and theme customization. Here are some of the features PakTaleem developed for Ace:
  • Moodle Quiz access rule plugin which allows users to test microphone before attempting a quiz. It further restricts users to use Chrome browser to ensure compatibility.
  • Custom fully HTML user inactivity notification
  • Text to Speech function to work in quiz.
  • SEO customization like meta tags etc.
  • Custom full HTML welcome email.
  • Custom full HTML quiz notification emails.
  • Event reminders for TOEFL exam.
  • TOEFL Audio question type plugin which allows creating all types of TOEFL questions.
  • Dynamic graph showing user statistics from different countries on front page
  • Theme modifications.
  • Quiz feedback sharing feature which allows users to share teacher's feedback on their submission.
  • Dashboard block which allowed users to access different important features of site easily.
  • Moodle's log report upgraded to allow getting logs between certain dates.
  • Tutorial which allowed explaining functions on Ace.
  • Self Study feature which allowed users practice TOEFL exam.
  • Stripe Subscriptions integration which allowed users purchase recurring or non-recurring access to resources.
  • Custom dialog based login and signup including social signup.
  • ZenDesk helpdesk integration for live chat.
  • Amazon S3 File system plugin which allows storing and accessing heavy Moodle data files from amazon S3.
  • Upgraded whole system from Moodle 2.9 to Moodle 3.4

Get Safe Training

This Moodle based project was developed in 2013 from vanilla Moodle. We have run this project for over 4 years. This project has been heavily customized and is feature rich. Here are main features of this Moodle project:

  • Admin can create / delete / suspend / activate companies and add users with varying capacities to the company; grant licenses.
  • Company managers can purchase course licenses and then assign to purchased courses to its company users.
  • System offers a comprehensive coupon management system. (details on Plugins page)
  • System allows designing a training matrix; assigning a track to each user. Based on the trade, the user is then recommended needed training courses.
  • System allows generation of completion report based on company(ies) / user(s) / duration.
  • System allows admin to group different courses into a training and assign the training to user(s)
  • Dashboard allows students to not only access courses but also informs users when a course is expiring and their completion status.
  • Dashboard block also allows teachers to view their courses and get reports.
  • A new enrollment plugin allows users to pay through WHMCS to get access to courses.
  • A plugin has been developed to allow collection of AVETMISS data from Moodle and generate AVETMISS files.
  • Another plugin has been developed which monitors students while training using their camera and stores their snapshots while they are taking training.
  • Signup process has also been updated to collect additional information needed for AVETMISS reporting.